New Pro DG Systems distribution in Taiwan(台湾)


广州诺法音响设备有限公司为西班牙官方认证全球经销商,主要负责中国、香港和澳门                        PRO DG SYSTEMS 音频设备技术顾问及产品销售支持

Now available the full range of Pro DG Systems products, for China, Hong Kong and Macao thanks to our official distributor: Audio Equipment Co. Ltd.  Novoum Audio.

2018年我们继续在中国扩展其分销网络,诺法音响为国内有识之士提供了享受PRO DG SYSTEM专业音响系统的机会,以及通过音频行业的广泛经验可能得到的最佳技术咨询。

In 2018, we continue to expand our distribution network in China. Novotel Audio provides the opportunity for domestic insights to enjoy the PRO DG SYSTEM professional audio system, as well as the best possible technical advice through extensive experience in the audio industry.

现在你可以在中国很多地方看到PRO DG SYSTEMS音频系统成功工程案例,

Now you can see the successful project of PRO DG SYSTEMS audio system in many parts of China.

今天我们热烈欢迎:NeDah Ji(台湾新大呈)音频技术有限公司作为我们诺法音响在台湾的独家经销商。

Today we warmly welcome NeDah Ji Audio Technology Co., Ltd. as our exclusive distributor of Norway Audio in Taiwan.

你现在可以在中国台湾了解到优质专业的PRO DG SYSTEMS 系统产品及最好的专业技术咨询

感谢台湾NeDah Ji(新大呈)音频技术有限公司